A few pieces of advice from Dan…

    • A toilet is NOT a trash can. If it’s not toilet paper, don’t throw it in the toilet. (Even if it says “flushable”)


    • NEVER put anything greasy down the drain. This will cause you problems. If you cook bacon, let the grease cool and throw it out. Use a paper towel to clean the pan before washing it.


    • Don’t use chemical drain openers. If they worked, we would be out of business. They push the problem further into the line, damage our equipment, and can potentially send a technician to the hospital.


    • Use “garbage” disposals sparingly, or better yet, get rid of them. Dan calls disposals ‘job security’.


    • Find out if you are on septic, and if you are, check your tank regularly. Often, people find out they have a septic tank when they call us with a ‘blockage’ that is nothing more than a full tank.


    • Know where your shutoffs are. You don’t want to be looking for a shutoff AFTER a problem arises. This can cause a lot more damage than necessary.


  • Always call Free Flow USA for your plumbing and drain needs!