Prices – What you should know

“If they don’t tell you the price on the phone, just hang up.”

Here is our pricing schedule for basic services.

Price List




Main Line $195 3″+ line
Sinks / Shower $165 up to 2.5″ line
Service Charge $115
Sewer Jet $500
Camera $350
Locator $100 plus Camera fee
Clean-up $100+ Pricing depends on severity
Evening / Weekend Surcharge $50 After 6 pm and on weekends / holidays
Pulled Toilet $50 Pull / Reseat and New Wax Ring

What you need to know about pricing

When you have an emergency Plumbing or Drain problem, you don’t have time to wait for someone to arrive to give you an estimate. Many companies only discuss pricing on site. They do this to get the upper hand. You’ve already waited for them to arrive and aren’t in a good position to negotiate them down. Often, out of desperation, the customer will just accept an outrageous price just to make the nightmare go away.

In our experience, every competitor that offers ‘on site estimates’ for small emergency plumbing repairs, usually charges double what we charge, and sometimes triple. We’ve also seen numerous times where technicians on commission will find ‘voodoo problems’, basically making up problems that don’t exist, then charging enormous amounts to ‘resolve’ it.

At Free Flow, we are upfront with our pricing. We give you the price of the work before we perform it, and if the we discover a larger problem, such as roots or a broken line, we explain it and show you the problem so you don’t just take our word for it.

Keep in mind, this is only for small repairs. Any repair that involves digging or tearing out walls would have to be done on site.