24 Mar. 16

Stopping toilet leaks

If you see water seeping from the base of your toilet, it is most likely due to a failing wax ring. The wax ring forms a seal between the toilet and the flange (the part that connects the toilet’s drain to the plumbing system.

The wax ring keeps water from seeping out through this connection. If the ring is damaged or deteriorated, water will seep onto the floor.

While working on an older building, we came across these green ‘wax rings’ (they aren’t made of wax, but rather a form of rubber). As you can see, the pipes and floor are deteriorated, but even during a backup, the toilet did not leak.

They are called Sani Seal Toilet Gaskets.

This is a cool idea, and while they are more expensive than a wax ring, we are going to recommend them in older buildings. The added cost could save you on clean up, and they look like they will last a long time.


The Sani Seal Toilet Gasket – replacement for the wax ring. (image source www.saniseal.com)