An invisible remedy to a failed septic

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An invisible remedy to a failed septic

Using the Bubbler, what could’ve been a nightmare for this homeowner was resolved without even being able to notice that any work was done.

The septic system was failing and needed to be replaced and the field brought up to code. Since there was a steep slope on the property and so many trees, we were limited with where we could work.

We were able to install an “At-Grade” system in a small clearing in the woods. The PekaSys Bubbler not only acted as the treatment, but also as the pump tank.

The homeowner was pleased that Free Flow was able to landscape the property in a way that the lawn looks untouched. See the photos below taken just a few months after the lawn was excavated.

Onlot system in the woods

The location of the drain line and field (left). You cannot see where the excavation occurred or field was installed.



AtGrade System

Here is the At-Grade field. The only things visible are the inspection ports and access. Free Flow was able to install the field without shrinking the yard.