Invisible Onsite Repair
Using the Bubbler, what could’ve been a nightmare for this homeowner was resolved without even being able to notice that any work was done. The septic system was failing and needed to be replaced and the field brought up to code. Since there was a steep slope on the property […]

An invisible remedy to a failed septic

Some problems can’t be resolved with a machine alone. Sometimes the line is broken or in nonworking condition. Free Flow takes every precaution to make sure it can’t be remedied before replacing it. Once we determine the line must be repaired, we use a camera to find the problem, and […]

Surgical Repairs

One of the most rewarding parts of the job is the sound of opening a drain. Hearing the whoosh and seeing the water rush down the drain lets you know the job was done well.

The Rush of an Open Drain

Tips for preventing frozen water pipes Frozen water pipes can cause an enormous amount of damage to a property. Even if the house is occupied and heated, pockets of cold areas outside of the heated space can freeze. When pipes freeze, the water expands and cracks the pipe. When it […]

Sand Mound vs Bubbler
If you have a problem with your septic system and are worried that you will need to install a sand mound, there is a new alternative available. In the picture, you can see a PekaSys Bubbler unit in the foreground, which looks no different than a typical septic system. In […]

Sandmound Alternative

When installing plumbing, it is important to take the time to think of the future. Plumbing should be as accessible as possible to avoid future problems and and keep maintenance costs low. Accessible cleanouts make solving future issues easier.

Plumbing for the Future